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Photo: Tell Love and Chocolate

Wooden Boxes

I love it when you come across a really inspiring site that just makes you want to try new things! How fantastic are these DIY wooden boxes! You can paint them any colour scheme to suit your own style and home. Tell Love and Chocolate has some fantastic projects so check them out and get crafty! Tell Love and Chocolate: DIY Wooden Centerpiece Boxes ... read more


Shopping Guide: Polka Dots

I was delighted to be the pick editor for the Handmade Cooperative this week! The Handmade Cooperative is a group of like-minded ladies who want to bring the best in handmade items to children across Australia. Ernie & Bird is a proud member! I sent out a request to my fellow members to submit their 'Polka Dots' items and got a bright and fun collection of handmade goodies to choose! Ben & Jess Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers Little Lambs Fashion Circle Skirt Red Polka Dot (0-5) One ... read more


Mummy Uniform: Hot Pink

I've got a great excuse for shopping for a few new pieces this month, and i'm sticking by it. I've got this horrible pain in my heal that was diagnosed as Plantar Fascia (tears in the muscle) and it absolutely kills all the time. I've had a Cortisone injection into the muscle (yes it is as painful as it sounds) but unfortunately it's worn off after 4 months. I'm too chicken to get it done again. This means I need to ditch the flats and boots and be more 'practical' and take care of my heal. So ... read more




Crepes are something I've always enjoyed eating and have also always thought they were too ... read more


French Toast

We normally have a hot yummy breakfast on Saturday mornings before my hubby goes off to ... read more


Shopping Guide


Rocket Man!

I was thinking about creating a shopping guide to help promote some of my fellow sellers ... read more