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Crochet Owl Mittens

I know I know... it's the start of summer and I'm posting a link to mittens! They are just so cute and I didn't want to forget about them. So here it is! Visit The Green Dragonfly: Crochet Owl Mittens ... read more


Spinach Cob Loaf Dip

You can pretty much guarantee you've been to a party  where this little beauty has made an appearance. It's a timeless classic and is always one of the first appetisers to get gobbled up at our family events. This is the simplest recipe that appears all over the net. I've grabbed this version from Taste.com.au I never add bacon to mine but it would be a nice twist to mix it up a little. Ingredients: 4 bacon rashes, diced 450g cob loaf 250g frozen spinach, ... read more


Cupcake Pincushion Pattern

Now that moving house is all done and dusted I'm starting to feel a little more relaxed. The sewing room is almost organised and I've dug out my yarn! How cute and practical is this little crocheted cupcake pincushion! Follow the link below to print off the free online pattern. Thanks for sharing One and Two Company! Cupcake Pincushion by One and Two Company ... read more




Crepes are something I've always enjoyed eating and have also always thought they were too ... read more


French Toast

We normally have a hot yummy breakfast on Saturday mornings before my hubby goes off to ... read more


Photo: Tell Love and Chocolate

Wooden Boxes

I love it when you come across a really inspiring site that just makes you want to try new ... read more

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