Designer Spotlight

Those who inspire me

Bandicute Designs

Bandicute Designs is a handmade, uniquely Australian label specialising in babies and children’s clothing, women’s accessories and home wares. The small business was born out of a love for being creative – drawing, painting, dyeing, printing, sewing – and always looking for new techniques to create beautiful, modern designs for baby…

Krazy Knits by Karen

I have been a huge fan of Karen’s for many years now. I’ve purchased a couple of bright colourful pieces for my daughters and I receive compliments every time they are worn. Karen lives in Canberra with her “extremely patient husband of 31 years” and their three adult children. Karen makes hand…


Things I love online

Wooly Wonders Crochet Dress

My youngest daughter Rosie has just turned one last month. She is 90% walking but still prefers to crawl for speed when chasing her two older sisters. For this reason, I’ve been hesitant to dress her in gorgeous crocheted outfits for fear of them being pulled and ruined. Then I…

Mandala Hoops

I’ve been putting together a baby nursery for number three due within the month. I’ve been exploring Instagram late at night (the ‘ol sore hips and reflux have got me up at all hours) and I came across these beautiful wall hangings called ‘mandalas’. Now I’ve never heard of them before….



Mmmm Minestrone

Fragrant and hearty minestrone soup for a cold winter’s day. Minestrone is one of my favourite soups that everyone enjoys. It gets so many vegetables into my daughters and to mix it up a little for their entertainment I sometimes use dinosaur pasta instead of macaroni. I also prefer a…

Spinach Cob Loaf Dip

There’s no doubt you’ve been to a party or BBQ where there has been a cob loaf served full of delicious goodness. My favourite is the spinach cob (closely followed by the corn & cheese) and it’s super easy to make. A quick whiz around the supermarket and you’ll have…