Janome Sewing Machine Buyers Guide

Sewing Machine Shopping

Deciding what sewing machine to buy is a hugely important decision.  It is a big investment so you want to make sure you get the right machine for you. You want one which you won’t grow out of too quickly,…

Facebook Image Dimensions

Ok. This is amazing. I’m always creating new images for Facebook for the business pages I manage. I’m constantly forgetting the dimensions of everything from Facebook thumbnails, to cover images, and even a post image so it fits a news…

How to Hand Quilt

Jo Avery is the author of the fantastic blog myBearpaw which is all about sharing the things she makes. Here you will find some really great quilting tutorials with my favourite (so far) being instructions on how to quilt by hand. …

Happy Valentines Day!

This crazy lucky girl is me! I got to spend Valentines Day 2015 with my beautiful daughters and husband. We hired a little boat and cruised around the Mornington. Feeling so incredibly blessed to have these special folks in my…

Tooth Fairy Letter

My eldest daughter Penny has just lost her second tooth. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to see what the Tooth Fairy would leave her overnight. I love making my daughter’s world’s magical and found a beautiful template you…

Crochet Owl Mittens

I know I know… it’s the start of summer and I’m posting a link to mittens! They are just so cute and I didn’t want to forget about them. So here it is!┬áVisit The Green Dragonfly: Crochet Owl Mittens

Spinach Cob Loaf Dip

There’s no doubt you’ve been to a party or BBQ where there has been a cob loaf served full of delicious goodness. My favourite is the spinach cob (closely followed by the corn & cheese) and it’s super easy to…

Cupcake Pincushion Pattern

Now that moving house is all done and dusted I’m starting to feel a little more relaxed. The sewing room is almost organised and I’ve dug out my yarn! How cute and practical is this little crocheted cupcake pincushion! Follow…