‘All About Me’ Activity Sheet

I don’t pay much notice to things like site stats on my website in general but one thing I do notice is how often these downloads are re-pinned on Pinterest! Since I moved over to a new site I have found there is still a continuous flow of traffic coming from Pinterest specifically looking for these free printables.

As a mum of two little girls I find myself constantly kicking myself for not taking enough photos, not recording enough videos, and not taking notes of precious moments as they grow. The ‘mum guilt’ we all experience can be tough but cherishing memories in the later years doesn’t necessarily involve a huge amount of additional work in the present. It can take a short 5 minutes, a simple chat while they are busy playing and you can jot down their responses. Learn about what these delightful little ones are enjoying at this present moment in time and look back and smile one day.

Sometime last year I was looking for a good ‘All About Me’ activity sheet for my daughter to fill in every now and then to file away for memories. After searching the internet high and low I thought I may as well just create my own! Please feel free to download the 2 pages and use them for your own children! Simply click on the pages below then ‘right click save image as’ and print off as needed.



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