Can you believe I made 26 bibs in a day?

Boy oh boy my kitchen looks CRAZY at the moment! It’s been taken over with all of my material and clutter as I prepare for two markets this week. You can’t even see the table (hence why I’ve convinced my gorgeous hubby we need to move house just so I can have a craft room!) So yes, I made 26 bibs (all double-sided) in a single day PLUS have backed up that mammoth achievement with a 4am start this morning to make cuddle bags (a.k.a heat packs/wheat bags or whatever you want to call them!) which I’m now up to number 16 with 6 to go…

I’d like to say I’m almost done with all the sewing but the real dilemma is that I haven’t even started sewing up all my Hootie owls or nursery mobiles which are both my big sellers on eBay so I really should take some to the market with me too! Call me crazy but I’m totally loving it – i guess if I don’t sell anything I’ll be a little bummed but honestly, if it all comes home again P sure will have the finest selection of bibs to chose from! BTW I found this great website full of Aussie made items that all looks so cute and totally inspiring! Check it out at

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