Counting down the days!

With only 4 days left to stock up before the market on Sunday I am starting to become a little overwhelmed! I have enough bodysuits and I only sold 2 bibs at the Pearcedale Craft Market so I don’t think I need to make many if any) more… but I STILL haven’t started sewing up all my Hooties and have only managed to make 5 baby seat belt covers today.

I’m also starting to wonder about prices. You see I look at what it costs me to make these things (and material is NOT cheap) plus labour and so on… so this is what I’m thinking and please do advise if you think I am over or under the ‘norm’ for these kinds of handmade items…

Baby bodysuits – $20
Double-sided bibs – $15
Children’s Cuddle Bags (Heat Packs) – $15
Nursery Mobiles – $28
Hootie Owl Softie – $15
Hootie Owl Pillow – $28
Seat belt covers – $15
Newborn Starter Pack – $45
Lavender Sachets – $8

Good news is my mum is flying down from Sydney tomorrow for a short visit. I’m hanging out for a little help with P so I can get some serious sewing done without my poor teething monster howling at my feet (and trying to eat the pedal). So the plan is to sew sew sew and then go see Alice in Wonderland in gold class with mum as a little reward for my efforts and have a perve on JD 🙂

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