Facebook Image Dimensions

I’m always creating new images for Facebook for the business pages I manage. I’m constantly forgetting the dimensions of everything from Facebook thumbnails, to cover images, and even a post image so it fits a newsfeed nicely.

  • Facebook’s cover photo size is 851px (width) X 315px (height).
  • This size both works for business pages and personal profiles.
  • Profile photo size: must be at least 180 X 180 pixels.

In the PNG template above, the top purple area is the safest visible area. That means they appear everywhere, whether on Desktop or mobile app. If mobile users matter to you, you should not put anything important in the invisible areas.

Your cover photo can be in any of the following formats: PNG, JPG or GIF. According to Facebook, you may get a better result by using a PNG format (which is the format I’ve always been using).

I came across this resource and had to share it so you too can have a pretty Facebook page! Justin Cener website blurb: Just released for 2015 – the totally updated Facebook Cheat Sheet including all image sizes, dimensions, and guidelines. If you’re a Facebook Marketer, save this cheat sheet ASAP! Included below is the Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions, Facebook Profile Photo Dimensions, Photo Post Ad Sizes, and much more.

2015 Facebook Cheat Sheet

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