Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial


Glass tile pendants are so easy to make and make a fantastic gift for a friend. All you need are a few craft supplies that can all be ordered online for a pretty reasonable price. I’ve listed the links to my favourite stores at the end of this tutorial to make it easy!

What you need:

  • 1” glass tiles (round of square)
  • 1” silver plated pendant trays (optional)
  • Diamond Glaze
  • E600 Industrial Craft Adhesive Glue
  • Necklace chain of your choice
  • 1” digital artwork – printed
  • Silver bail if not using a pendant tray


  • Find some pretty paper or a digital image and cut to the same size as your glass tile. Ensure the edges are rounded off slightly to prevent lifting at the corners.
  • Using Diamond Glaze, squeeze a small amount onto the glass tile to adhere the tile to the image. You don’t want to use too little glaze as it will be obvious on the image when you place the two pieces together. Also be careful not to use too much as excess will need to be squeezed out to the sides and gently wiped away. Place the image onto the tile and apply enough pressure to remove any air bubbles and excess glaze from between the two layers. You then need to cover the back of the paper with diamond glaze to seal it.
  • Once the tile is completely dry, use some E600 glue to adhere a small bail (to hang a chain through) to the top edge of your tile. Once dry, attach a chain and your necklace is complete! Note: These instructions are for a free hanging pendant. If you choose to place the tile into a tray you will not need to attach a bail. Simply glue the finished tile into the tray and allow to dry.

Links to local suppliers I’ve purchased from:

Tile pendant supplies

Tile pendant kits

Diamond Glaze

Digital artwork on Etsy (one of my faves!)

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