Handmade Cooperative

Ernie & Bird has been a proud member of the Handmade Cooperative since April 2011. At the Coop we love handmade. Beautiful, intricate items made with love, care and attention to detail. As both crafters and mums, our love affair with artisan products certainly hasn’t stopped – it may have even intensified!

We want to pass on our love of handmade to our children – and other people’s children for that matter – so we came together to make a pact. A Cooperative of like-minded ladies who want to bring the best in handmade items to children across Australia. Curated by crafters, the Handmade Cooperative brings you posts featuring the latest products out in the handcraft marketplace. Focusing on a central theme, we help you put together a look for your child; be it their fashion, accessories, toys, rooms, or more. 

Join us and get involved, we would love to hear from crafters and lovers of Australian handmade. Visit the Handmade Cooperative website