What I’m Wearing: Hot Pink

I’ve got a great excuse for shopping for a few new pieces this month, and i’m sticking by it. I’ve got this horrible pain in my heal that was diagnosed as Plantar Fascia (tears in the muscle) and it absolutely kills all the time. I’ve had a Cortisone injection into the muscle (yes it is as painful as it sounds) but unfortunately it’s worn off after 4 months. I’m too chicken to get it done again. This means I need to ditch the flats and boots and be more ‘practical’ and take care of my heal. So I’m wearing the most fashionable runner I could get my hands on. Skechers. Now I’m not into wearing runners with jeans so I have had to revamp my wardrobe to accommodate my heal. Here are some of my favourite items this month. Not exactly planning on wearing it all together but I’m tipping you’ll see my coming a mile off in any piece!


Paradise Printed F/L Tights – Lorna Jane
Go Walk 2 Stance (Hot Pink) – Skechers
Liberty Hoodie – Lorna JaneĀ 
Country Road Graphics T-shirt – Country Road

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