Joys of Potty Training

I’m seriously in no hurry to do this but I need to start encouraging my little 2 year old to try and use the potty more. I know I sound all ‘lazy mum’ but being the second child and knowing what’s ahead is exhausting just thinking about it. It’s one of those things that take so much effort and diligence and encouragement and let’s not forget to mention the mess!

Over the past 12 months I have designed a great range of charts to encourage little ones to use the potty yet don’t have one up in my own home!  I know we need to use baby steps (pardon the pun) when encouraging things like toilet training and my Olive Pip has just been weaned off dummies this week so I’ll give her time to settle before I start potty training too!

Even though this is my second time around the first time is honestly all quite fuzzy. I know my Penny monster pretty much trained herself but that was the kind of child she is. The trick is to see an opportunity to start the training and jump on it. My ‘go to’ online parenting resource Raising Children say signs that your child is ready for toilet training appear from about two years on, although some children show signs of being ready at 18 months. They go on the encourage the importance of having a good daily routine so starting something new like a potty can be slotted in easily. My plan of attack is to keep the nappy off and potty out between dinner and bath. We’ll see how that goes for the time being.

So if you need a helping hand setting a routine of encouraging toilet training in your house here’s a blurb about my digital downloads …

The Ernie and Bird Etsy store has been restocked with my range of children’s routine charts. All the files are available for instant download. Print the A4 charts off at your own pleasure and attach to the fridge, pin to a cork noticeboard or even laminate it and stick it up in the bathroom. This way you not only keep your chart nice and clean, but also for the chart to be reusable over and over again by simply writing on it with a WHITEBOARD PEN and wiping it straight off with a cloth when you want to change it!

The store currently has Toilet Training Charts, Weekly and Daily Routine Charts along with Morning and Evening Routines that are all fully customisable. You can check them out HERE


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