Mandala Hoops

I’ve been putting together a baby nursery for number three due within the month. I’ve been exploring¬†Instagram late at night (the ‘ol sore hips and reflux have got me up at all hours) and I came across these beautiful wall hangings called ‘mandalas’. Now I’ve never heard of them before. I’ve seen them but didn’t know that’s what they were called so just googled ‘crochet hoop’ to be all inspired. There are many amazing tutorials on how to make these little sweeties, and what I love most is they can be any colour under the rainbow. Or even neutral. Really, you can do whatever colour scheme you like for your home. I’m going to start working on this one this evening so I’ll keep you posted over on my instagram at lisobrien

Tutorial by Attic24: More Mandala Hoops

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