Mini Collection…. more than just a design

I’m married to a Mini fanatic – and I really do mean fanatic. There are many people out there who are so passionate about these little cars it’s not funny. Hubby’s order of things is 1. wife 2. daughter 3. Mini 4. cat? Well I don’t even know if the cat would be that high on his list of priorities if the house was burning down (but poor kitty would be number 3 on my list so don’t stress). The point is hubby’s Mini is one of his most prized possessions. He built his first Mini from a wreck to a beautifully restored gem before he was 15. It took centre stage at our wedding and whenever he drives it he has a grin spread from ear-to-ear the whole time. This machine doesn’t like to go under 80km/h and is honestly a bastard to drive (almost threw my shoulder out the day I had the privilege – it’s rough and it’s tough but boy is she breathtaking)

Hubby’s Mini is the inspiration behind my latest range for little ones. He’s always been able to draw these fantastic cartoons of Minis (no doubt they were all over his school books and ruler) so I thought I’d create an applique out of it for a bodysuit I was making for our bub, who was at that point still in the oven. The applique looked so fantastic that I scanned it and now use it as the base design for my latest prints. I have so many requests to change the colour to suit other Minis that are loved just as much as hubby’s where there is obviously a bub in the ‘fanatics’ family. SO here’s some of my new designs – some a bit retro but all can be customised and personalised to make them just as special as the car itself!

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