Face Washer Bunnies

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Yesterday my local MOPS (Mother’s of Pre-Schoolers) group celebrated Easter for our final meeting of Term One. As a member of the creative team, we came up with the idea of teaching the ladies ‘How to Make Face Washer Bunnies’. Everyone had fun being creative and decorating their own little bunny rabbits to give as gifts to loved ones next weekend. They are super easy to make and a great craft activity for children (chocolate eggs are an optional extra!)


What you need:

  • Face washer
  • 2 wobble eyes
  • Medium pompom (tail)
  • Small pompom (nose)
  • Pretty ribbon
  • Rubber band
  • Craft glue


  • Lay the face washer out. Starting in one corner, roll the face washer into a sausage, stopping at the centre. Start at the opposite corner and roll the other half of the face washer into a sausage until they meet.
  • Fold the rolled up face washer so that the ends of the rolls are next to each other to form the ears. Tie an elastic band around the face washer in front of the ears to form the head.
  • Glue on the wobbly eyes, pompom nose and pompom tail. Finish by tying a ribbon around the bunny’s head

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