Name Pendants

Our first creative session of the year was to make name pendants for all the mums participating in 2013. Trying to stay within the ‘Plunge’ theme, we decided to make up these adorable personalised necklaces that mum’s could feature their own name plus their children’s names on! It was a huge success and all the mums seemed to enjoy letting their creative juices flow and come up with some beautiful designs they can wear!

What you need:
  • Scissors
  • Good craft glue
  • Scrapbooking paper with a fun design
  • Large washer (from your local hardware store)
  • 6mm Alphabet beads (round)
  • 7mm Alphabet beads (cubed)
  • Suede leather cord (1m long)
  • Beads and rhinestones for decorating


  • Choose a nice design on a sheet of scrap booking paper that is small enough to have some visible detail the size of the washer you are using. Draw around your washer using a pencil and cut around the outside of the circle. This should fit perfectly on top of the washer with a little trim.
  • Use a hole punch or a small set of scissors to carefully cut out the centre hole on the paper. Once you are happy with the fit, glue the paper design onto the washer ensuring you cover the edges to preventing it from lifting once dry. Don’t use too much glue however, or you might get soggy paper!
  • Once your washer and paper are dry, loop the leather cord through the centre of the hole and decorate with some pretty craft beads. I’ve used the Pandora look-a-like beads you can buy on eBay
  • Using your alphabet beads (round) glue down your name on the front and decorate with rhinestones, stickers, glitter or anything else that takes your fancy
  • Some of our mums even chose to run their children’s names up the cord using alphabet beads (cubed) and some colourful beads to brighten the necklace!

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