Mr Fox Crochet Cushion

Fox Cushion

This is seriously one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. Right up there with parenting…. well not really. Parenting is far easier. But it does take a whole lot of concentrating and that’s something that can be difficult with a home full of little people.

While I sit in the school car park every afternoon waiting for the bell to ring I love to browse Etsy crochet patterns. I came across this seriously cute little guy and thought,

“Yeah, I can crochet. I can do that no worries!”. Well what I didn’t realise was you actually need to be able to crochet while juggling four balls of wool, standing on one leg and hopping. You get the drift.

So even though I knew how to crochet I am learning a new skill by crocheting with more than one ball at a time and it’s fun! I am feeling this huge sense of accomplishment as I see his little face start to appear. This is what he will look like when finished. You can see by the images below that I didn’t do his mouth. I though it would be cuter added at the end instead. If you would like to purchase a copy of this patter visit the incredibly talented Little Doolally¬†on Etsy.


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