New Cuddle Bags for Winter…Brrrrr!

Ernie & Bird Cuddle Bags are made with designer cotton and corduroy fabrics and filled with Australian-grown wheat and lavender. They can be used as heat packs that are heated in the microwave or cold packs that are kept in the freezer. Cuddle Bags easily mould to the contour of your body and are perfect to cuddle up on the lounge with, use while traveling or take to bed to keep your tootsies warm! As they are filled with lavender they are an excellent sleep companion and may assist in settling young children and relaxing adults!

Due to the variety or microwaves out there, heating is recommended in 10 second increments to ensure the wheat does not overheat and burn (not a pleasant smell at all!) Cuddle Bags measure approximately 25cm x 20cm. In store now at

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