Once Upon A Time…

I absolutely LOVE being a member of the Handmade Cooperative! This week I have been asked to pick the Sensational Six gift guide and the topic I chose is ‘Once Upon A Time’. Check it out below and please pop over to the ‘Coop’ and support the fantastic world of handmade!

My little girl has recently turned 3 and she loves it when I take the time to sit down and read her a story. She’s at such a beautiful age where she can now understand what is being said and her own imagination can run wild with exciting adventures! This week’s Sensational Six takes a look at how we can encourage our children to love using their imagination and explore the world of fairy tales and magical kingdoms in a land far far away!


Crayon Wallet – Red Riding Hood by Two Charlies – $25
Handpainted Knight Wooden Peg Doll by Twinklekids – $8
Postcard to the Tooth Fairy by Milly Molly Mandy – $14
Chocolate Once Upon a Time Gift Tags by Bella J Style – $6
Fairy Door for the Wee Folk by JadaBelle Studio – $12
Handmade Fairy Skirts by Sarz Creations – $25
(please note madeit store links have now been archived)

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